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1. Association Manager Back-up

In the event your manager is out of the office or on vacation someone in the office with experience will be available to assist or obtain the assistance you require.  It is company practice to brainstorm together any unusual encountered issue resulting in a practical solution for your Association. 

2. Association Manager Training

Managers are always current with continued education requirements.  In addition to mandatory education the company encourages managers’ attendance at various Community Association Institute or similar other sessions for the purpose of constantly keeping managers in-the-know and enhancing managers’ knowledge. 

3. Architectural Control

A log of each “request” in street order is maintained for our clients.  This tool has proved a valuable asset for managers during property inspections and for committees assigned to this facet of your Association.

4. Violation Tracking

Associations usually require emphasis on property inspections and violation tracking.  PGCF has a tracking report which is used for property inspections and easily shared with Board members (and assigned committee if applicable).  This report is updated after each inspection and becomes an attachment to the manager’s report for Board meetings.

5. Accounting

Accounts Payable:

Invoices are reviewed for payment authenticity on a weekly basis.  All invoices are coded in accordance with your budget line item by your assigned manager. Your manager has full knowledge of when and what was paid.  Managers work closely with the Association’s Treasurer on all payments.

Accounts Receivable:

PGCF encourages Associations to adopt their recommended collections policy.  This policy ensures the fast track method of collecting Association’s assessments.  Delinquencies are closely monitored even if they are turned over to the collection attorney.  It is company policy to maintain a low delinquency rate for our clients as we realize the importance of this.

Financial Reports:

The President and Treasurer are provided a full monthly financial package in hard copy – balance sheet, operating statement, general ledger of the months’ activities, delinquency status, prepays status, check register, bank reconciliation and copies of all bank statements/investments.  All Board members are also sent this in pdf file format.  Monthly financial reports prepared by PGCF are distributed before the 15th of each month.  PGCF works closely with accountants and auditors to ensure Associations are compliant with statute for year end financial reporting and tax preparation.

6. Vendors

W-9 Forms are secured from vendors where applicable before payments are released.  1099’s are issued annually in compliance with Federal laws.  Unless otherwise instructed by the Board of Directors all vendors must have proof of insurance on file.

7. Association Insurance

Managers’ have a system to track association’s insurance policies expiration date to facilitate renewal in a timely manner.  PGCF can be relied on to obtain the best rate possible for your Association.

8. Sales, Refinancing and New Owners

PGCF focuses on obtaining compliance prior to closing on the sale of non-compliant properties.  We are extremely proud of our success rate.  Information with respect to assessments and due dates are mailed to each new owner.  New owners are also forwarded, if requested by the Association, to the welcome committee and published in newsletters.

9. Meeting Notice Requirements

PGCF ensures the Association provides notice in accordance with statute and the governing documents for all membership and board meetings. PGCF assists the Association with all material required for membership meetings and is willing to provide interim information useful for establishing a quorum.  A successful membership meeting is important to an Association and PGCF will provide hands on guidance and assistance towards achieving this.

10. Record Inspection

PGCF has a Record Inspection Policy in accordance with Florida Statute to accommodate Association members.  To ensure the safety of your records all archived years are stored at a secure off-site location.  If necessary, these records can be obtained at short notice.

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